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Guide pin 8*150 M4

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Guide pin 8*150 M4

2015-09-24 15:01:32

Guide posts for die and mold components used in combination to ensure precise positioning activities guide mold travel guide elements.

Guided, English Guide rod or Guide pin, guide post material generally used in bearing steel, hot die steel, easy car iron, etc., and to use a larger bearing steel SUJ2, the guide post on the guide performance durability and can be changed greatly enhanced. Guide column with components outside the guide column components within the guide column components, it has a beautiful metallic luster. Shoulder guide post is generally cylindrical, generally have the oil sump, the oil sump with the extension number of column-level increases, up to the limit of the oil sump is generally 8.

Classification guide post, according to the use of premises is not the same, divided into: car mold guide column, independent guide posts, mold with guide posts, stripper plate with guide columns. According to the guide direction is not the same, divided into: slide guide column (code SGP), rolling guide column (code SRP). Follow the installation is not the same, it is divided into: Handling Pilot Pilot column and pressed into the column. Roundness of the guide post is a very high demand, primarily playing center hole To be able to use cylindrical grinder grinding diameter, because the use of the outside diameter of cylindrical grinder grind against the time to use the top center hole of the guide post rotate only You can grind recent Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of customers to customize a number of guide posts 8 * 150 M4.