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Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Author:Emily
  • Release on:2015-09-24

Lunar August 15 is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. For the Chinese people around the world, this is the great day as Spring Festival.

Generally, Mid-Autumn Festival has become popular in the Song Dynasty, in order to pass secret moon cake "August 15 kill Tartars (ie Mongols)" message when revolted late Yuan emperor, Hongwu first year (1368) the emperor as the moon cake pastries seasonal reward ministers. Ming and Qing dynasties, China's Mid-Autumn Festival has become a major traditional festivals.
In the Mid-Autumn Festival this day, there are many distinctive customs activities, including, full moon, eat moon cake, tide and other festive events. Every year on this day people who was in the other place will have to hurry home to stay with their families. For people can not go home, they will ease the pain of Acacia by means of the full moon.
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival has come, we Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. has been arranged in advance of the holiday, so that employees can be reunited with their families.