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China National Day

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China National Day

2015-09-25 13:31:58

October 1 is China National Day.  Every year, there are three days holidays. In order to facilitate more people go home, the state has arranged a seven-day holiday. When National Day is coming, every street is full of lanterns festoons. Everyone’s faces are filled with happy smile, supermarket is packed with shoppers.

The National Day means a matter of national celebration, the ancient emperor ascended the throne, birthday called "National Day." Said today that the establishment of the National Day as a national holiday. October 1, 1949, is the anniversary of the founding of New China. The basic features of National Day celebrations standards for the power of the state, and enhance national confidence and cohesion of the people. There will be different every scale celebrations and parade for 5 or 10 years.

According to statistics, 35 countries name the founding day as National Day. Some countries  such as Mexico's Independence Day is the National Day. Some countries armed uprising anniversary as a national day, such as France. While some countries in the major conferences May as the National Day. Such as the United States independent advocacy day as the National Day, the birthday of the Head of State as well as to the National Day, such as Thailand, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries. While countries celebrate in a different way, but good intentions are the same, wishing state prosperity and peace.

In response to requirements of the country, Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd decided have a holiday from October 1 to October July to celebrate the National Day.