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The basic knowledge of socket in IC test (1)

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The basic knowledge of socket in IC test (1)

2015-09-29 16:16:30

Socket is frequently used by test engineers stuff. Socket is also the test fixture we usually called. And the test fixture directly affect the test schedule, cost, and efficiency. How to select the appropriate IC socket for testing? We will make a simple introduction for your reference.

First, we need to understand the main function of socket. First it’s to achieve electrical connection IC pins and test PCB or load board. When it comes to electrical connections, the main parameters including contact resistance, maximum current, parasitic inductance and capacitance. The first two points must be considered during high power IC application. The latter two are very important in the high-frequency IC application. In addition, the life of  socket, especially is also a very important indicator in high-volume production test.

Simple introduction of material of socket.

Probe used in test fixture is respect of the cost of the fixture itself. Now there are three kinds of test probes, imported, domestic and made by HongKong and Taiwan. Imported products are mainly from Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and so on. Usually the prices of these imported probes are high and the quality is very good.