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Annual Meeting

2016-01-11 15:45:48

Yesterday afternoon  Suzhou  shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. As a professional supplier of test probes, a total of 12 people drove to Suzhou Wu Jiang Fenglong Park, held a 2015 grand annual meeting , the annual meeting's theme is to have a  rest, relax,Let us have half day  fun , eat happy through one year hard , let's us satisfied.

arrived there  early, we take a point of casual, open two tables Majiang play ,up to four o'clock in afternoon, the annual meeting officially began,

the first part is the game, everyone together playing games,The game has to grab a stool, a chair surrounded circle and people around chairs , and the chairs has been one more   than people, the music sounded we go, the music stops all people sit the bench, did not sit on the phase-out, we have a total of two groups.Finally, the girls won the final victory

then we also played game of  gesturing me guess, the highest understanding is that we never thought to even a temporary combination, as well as charades, follow the prompts and narrow Range to guess the word, everyone can ask a question, writer can only say yes or no, this is all-start the brain, is very interesting.

Boss before dinner made a summary of the year thanks to the diligent colleagues and effort to make this year's growth performance has X3, hope that the next year, we do better achieve the objectives X6, and finally for us extracted three awards, we play very
Happy, the annual meeting a success.