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C8 Training

  • Author:shirleymiao
  • Release on:2016-01-07

 January 5, Suzhou Foreign Trade Promotion held a special theme in Reception Center of Qian wanli bridge  , inviting the Alice who is the personnel selection and evaluation Speaker of the C8 Shanghai Huicai company ,specialist for the member companies how to identify and selection of personnel .and according to the characteristics of the owner to choose their own talent, to train soldiers on point business owners to corporate marshal.

Company with the wrong person or situation will be unable to retain people and bring business immeasurable loss, Alice analytic enterprise misplaced different symptoms of people, if they put on for their posts, will play unexpected results. Even recruit experienced talent, diligent, self-motivated, articulate and talkative, if misplaced not be able to inspire their best performance. We can interview through interview questions to diagnose the candidates who have what talent, what character, what kind of jobs can be competent, able to match the business owner to bring the greatest benefit. She suggested that the interview not to be fooled by professional resume and, anyway insight talent, and the talent to be a strict distinction expectations. The so-called talent is to find a suitable job and the ability to maximize the people.

As a professional supplier of test probes, HR of Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. also have the opportunity to participate in this training, and has been  reviewed by ALICE in training, feel very happy.