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China shocked the world to create "flying car"(3)

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China shocked the world to create "flying car"(3)

2016-06-08 15:43:43

Self-developed 100% Chinese nationals

The most shocking is that the plane "flying car" from the system, structural design, design, manufacturing and materials to various test systems are independently developed and manufactured by one hundred million aircraft company, is really the "Made in China"!

Not only to achieve the dream of flight, but also completely change the future of human traffic and transportation. Create a "flying car" hundred million aircraft company CEO has said: Let the real human conquest of the sky, let the flight has never been safe, convenient, is to pursue his lifelong dream.

At the end of August last year, billion-aircraft company announced the completion of $42 million B round of financing. And this production, "the world's first mobile phone with a real sense of intelligent air handling robot" start-up company not only to achieve their dreams, but also get great benefits. In just 16 months, the company's valuation will be turned over 100 times.

Suzhou shengteng electronic company will develop ourself brand test probe.