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When need to change the test probe pin?

  • Author:Ellie
  • Release on:2016-06-16

Test probe pin is a very important part in the fixture,and it have its own working life,the frequency in theory is different with the real use,it is mainly decided by the actual test environment.Now we will introduce when need to change the test probe pin.

Test probe in have a contact quantity,many fixture manufacturer will change the test probe pin when the spring force is bad;Some suppliers will also change the pins when have a little oil in the probe.


You must change the probe when have below situation:

1.the durability is more than 8W cycles,we suggest you change the test probe pins

2.IF the elasticity is not goods,we suggest you change the probe pin,otherwise the board is easily to be broke.

3.We also suggest you change the probe when it is very dark,because it will effect the stability .