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China shocked the world to create "flying car"

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China shocked the world to create "flying car"

2016-05-30 15:30:43

The first realization of the human drive automatic flight!

Car completely "Made in China" Manned aircraft can accommodate a passenger. In use, passengers only need to specify the destination in airborne applications, a key issue "take off" command, billion-184 aircraft to complete autopilot, easily reached the specified destination.

This not only will bring epoch-making major changes in the transport sector, the impact will be far-reaching traditional business model and pattern of tourism, logistics, healthcare, retail and other related industries.

Superior design brings superior experience

Car "flying car" is also very environmentally friendly, which uses 100% pure electric drive, without using any fossil fuels, reducing waste emissions harmful to the environment. Autopilot, a key landing. Compared with the vehicle on land, this car "flying car" very convenient to use, even without a driver's license. "Flying car" using multiple sets of independent flight control system to achieve automatic navigation, simply set the flight path, one-button operation, can carry passengers reach their destinations. The system will collect real-time analysis of the data throughout the flight from the various sensors, re-planned path to ensure passengers with the fastest, most secure path to its destination.

Only the size of a parking space when folded space can be parked. Several Chinese men of science are also very careful, they put the "flying car" designed four folding machine arm freely, as it greatly reduces the floor space. Folded body span of 1.6 meters, about the size of a parking space, very convenient parking. Also very close to a luggage trunk configured for the need to carry luggage of passengers 16 inches can be placed in a backpack.

F1 racing seat is a seat, so passengers more comfortable when riding. Tablet PC is also equipped with a console, so that passengers can also work during the flight, watch videos, play games, will not boring. Humane not only these points! "Flying car" There are a one-button control of headlights, adjustable reading lights, automatic climate control, it also provides network 4G Wi-Fi!

This will use pogo pin,now suzhou shengteng electronic is working to manufacture this pogo pin.