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China shocked the world to create "flying car"(2)

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China shocked the world to create "flying car"(2)

2016-05-30 15:57:13

Not only cool, but also safe

Car "flying car" automatic driving technology, which also avoids the traditional mode of transport is the most dangerous factor - the driver of human error. And is a pure electric drive, so there is no danger due to engine flameout caused. Not only that, but also for all flight members full backup, if any one component problems, can still guarantee the normal aircraft flight safety.

In order to fully guarantee the safety of passengers, these Polytechnic M also specially developed a system. This system ensures that when any component fails or when the aircraft lost contact, will take the appropriate measures, the safety of man and machine. Even aircraft collision of birds and other objects, the aircraft caused some damage to the aircraft system itself will automatically assess the extent of damage, or decided to continue with the nearest landing.

The key is that although the car "flying car" is the autopilot, but the establishment of a voting mechanism, so that the entire system in any case can get the correct data and security. And, if there is any emergency, "flying car" can be a key to hover, avoid danger.

In addition, they also special attention to data security, so that each aircraft has its own key, and performs data encryption.

Has a dispatch center, emergency situations during flight can be solved in time. "Flying car" through the system and maintaining command and control center in real-time online contact flight. "Flying car" made a deal with lightning rain can truly all-weather flight, encountered extreme weather, the command center will automatically prohibit takeoff.