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The first meeting for 2016 Suzhou Gusutang

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The first meeting for 2016 Suzhou Gusutang

2016-05-31 16:39:41

Suzhou Gusutang founding group involved in electronics, automation, processing, production of raw materials, equipment manufacturing, trade, clothing and many other areas, is a group of powerful, intelligent, honest, handsome entrepreneur, to "together, to go farther," for the purpose of the formation of community business alliance.

Suzhou Church personnel and units to the end of May came with a Chinese professional test probe Cendant enterprise Suzhou Electronics Co., Ltd., since any length of time, we met very friendly, talking and laughing at each other and asked everyone case, the meeting started at 14:00, and various business people at the meeting reported on the work previously carried out by the enterprise in April, results achieved and the problems encountered in the work, we encountered on various business issues incentives discussion and give a reasonable and effective recommendations. Then minister of personnel Yogi gave sound advice on the current state of effective corporate subsidies were explained and analyzed, and combined with each company's situation, so that each enterprise has its own rational planning.

Good time is always passing by, we ended up at 5 o'clock discussed and agreed next month's meeting time and place.