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Panasonic proposed $ 400 million investment to build Dalian battery project

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Panasonic proposed $ 400 million investment to build Dalian battery project

2016-04-15 17:06:46

ecember 26, Japanese media reported that Matsushita hopes the Chinese have their own production base, in order to increase the car's battery supply, lithium batteries Panasonic will build a car factory in Dalian, China, to invest 50 billion yen (about $ 412 million). Factory is located in Dalian, northeast, production of electric cars and plug-in hybrids use of prismatic battery, the battery can support an annual output of 200,000 vehicles, its goal is to make the business revenue target in China is 100 billion yuan. Panasonic will build a factory with Chinese partners, it is expected to put into production in 2017.

In China, Panasonic has been manufacturing PC battery plant, the new plant will be Panasonic's first dedicated to the production of electric car battery factory. Factory annual production of batteries for 200,000 electric cars can use. China is developing environmentally friendly vehicles, including electric vehicles, air pollution problem has plagued many cities in China. Panasonic is the world's largest manufacturer of lithium battery electric vehicles, and it has been building in the United States Tesla lithium battery factory. By transferring production to China, Matsushita hopes to consolidate its business in the United States, two key markets.

In the United States, Panasonic and Tesla has invested $ 5 billion to build a lithium battery plant will begin production next year on the line. By 2020, the plant will produce batteries for 500,000 electric vehicles.Suzhou shengteng will development pogo pin for Li battery