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Electric vehicle wireless charging technology is eligible for significant progress

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Electric vehicle wireless charging technology is eligible for significant progress

2016-04-18 08:43:43

According to Science and Technology Daily April 5, according to physicist organizational network recently reported that Oak Ridge National Laboratory Power Electronics team leader Madhu - Robinson Savary said: "In recent years, we verify from laboratory concept to now has been made great progress. this technology is currently being and physical engineering, design, scale combined into a number of Toyota among order to promote this technology closer to market needs to prepare. "


The team in just three years for the development of such cars use 20 kilowatts wireless charging system has a unique structure, including power inverter, isolation transformer coupling technology and automotive electronics side. In the demonstration, the researchers will be a separate converter integrated into the system with a 10 kwh battery Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle charging.


Due to higher power levels for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses essential, researchers are the wireless charging system 50 kW efforts as the next target, which will be commercially available plug-in rapid charger power level matches, in order to provide the same charging speed, or increase the consumer acceptance of electric vehicles.


Promoting the technological development of the industry partners are Toyota, Cisco, Evatran and the International Center for Automotive Research at Clemson University. US energy efficiency and renewable energy vehicle technology office for the competitive program provides partial funding to support the "electric vehicle ubiquitous big challenge plan" put forward by the Department of Energy. Its purpose is to make electric cars affordable for consumers, easier and cleaner vehicles in 2022.


Vehicle System Project Manager David - Smith said: "Compared to plug-in charging mode, the wireless power transmission is a typical paradigm transformation in the process of charging electric vehicles, to provide consumers with an autonomous, secure, efficient and convenient choice. today's technology show, which will be the vehicle during driving charge, and a stepping stone towards electrification of the road. "

We believe that the development of electric vehicle wireless charging technology will test probes allow enterprises to see infinite expectations and tomorrow.