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The development of test probe in China

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The development of test probe in China

2016-07-29 15:52:03

          The development of test probe in China

Because of the late start, the probe contacts with the international advanced level in the field there is a great gap between the less developed varieties of applications, not to scale product serialization and industrialization, but this does not rule out some enterprises with the advanced ability to innovate on the market occupies an important position. In recent years, as the nation's attention on the study of the touch probe gradually achieved some results, domestic manufacturers continue to increase, part of the multinational companies spotted the huge domestic market potential, have adopted the plant, agents continue to seize the domestic form market share. On the domestic market, major companies, including Shenzhen Huarong Electronics Co., test, probe China (Guangzhou) Limited. Support the introduction of domestic policy and foreign advanced technology to promote the development of the contact probe.


From industry Overall, the industry is a touch probe technology, capital requirements are higher industry, higher barriers to entry, if you enter the business enterprise can grasp the core competitiveness of technology, market competitiveness will be able to maintain a long for some time, the competition can get a satisfactory return on investment, but the market risk will be relatively large.