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How long test probe needs to be replaced

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How long test probe needs to be replaced

2016-07-29 15:57:20

Test probe is a unified name for ICT / FCT Test pin, BGA probe, probe high- frequency, high-current probe, no matter what the probe will have their own life, the probe generally have their own album life, depending on the life of the spring. Then the factors influencing the test probe life are what it? Here we briefly describe the impact test probe life factors.

Let me talk about conventional ICT / FCT probes, such probes are typically about 30 million times in life, but life is often determined by the test environment, if the test environment is poor, various impurities into the probe tube, it will cause spring damage, so it is necessary to replace the probe. This is a small part of the replacement, there is a regular probe replacement, when to use a certain amount of time, the probe must be replaced. If the high-frequency probe, then this is rather special, high-frequency probes primarily in that the inner core needle high-frequency needle, so replacement is generally high frequency probe the inner core needle replacement, this can greatly reduce costs.

Normally, the finer the probe is relatively shorter, so that the normal life of the probe is close to the theoretical life given vendor. For fixture maintenance to do good, and the test fixture board of cleanliness is high, according to the itinerary prescribed test probe so that the probe replacement frequency is low.Suzhou Shengteng electronic company has the PCB,ICT,FCT test probe.