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Purpose and use of high-frequency probe

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Purpose and use of high-frequency probe

2016-07-29 16:00:51
         Purpose and use of high-frequency probe
High frequency probe things a widely used calibration test RF signal mobile phones, wireless LAN, wireless router, GPS and other wireless communications devices. There is a high frequency RF test probe head for contacting the RF signal source, through the extension cord and RF communication test instruments, radio head is fixed on the fixture after the test efficiently RF board.

Stable high-frequency test probe, low attenuation and long life, but the price compared to conventional high-frequency probe probe, the price is much higher, but the high-frequency probe replacement frequency is very low, so its cost is still high, is the product of choice for signal testing for testing mobile phone signals, radar signals and other signals.

BT's FTOP series high frequency probes, Italian advanced packaging technology, low loss, high frequencies up to 5GHz, if there is demand for a separate high frequency probes, can be ordered separately. Now the phone can not be separated from the high-frequency test probe, test its long life, and the inner needle can be replaced.