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ICT test probe needle bed What are inherent limitations (1)

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2016-07-29

Test ICT (In-Circuit-Test) to test PCB board lot of resistance, capacitance, inductance test, automated test machine appears ICT solution to this problem, which uses a plurality of test probes to the circuit board measured point, and then finish in the test machine software control test, pass the test of time in 1-2 minutes to complete, this is mainly to see how much the decision circuit board components, spare parts and more naturally a long time.

However, ICT test, The probe has a decisive role, and the diameter of the probe head type usually determines the position of the measurement probe on the test machine has what restrictions it, here I set out some of the probes in the case to some of the problems.Suzhou shengteng company provides the ICT test probe for many country customers.