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ICT test probe needle bed What are inherent limitations (2)

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2016-07-29

1, the minimum diameter of the probe is limited, the smaller the diameter, compared to the life of the probe will be shortened.

2, the distance between the probe and the probe is limited, each one needs to probe needle plate hole, then placed the sleeve, and then probe inserted into the sleeve, the sleeve adjacent to the hole if the distance is too small, it will cause a short circuit problem between the probes.

3, some parts height relatively high, so these parts are relatively close distance of the probe when the encounter will damage the parts, in addition to these parts is relatively high, so even in the test fixture of the opening time to avoid needle bed will causing the needle can not be planted.

4, PCB board now there is little space to accommodate so many test points, test plate becomes smaller and smaller, the industry has also been used to discuss the number of test points, and now also appeared to reduce the test point method appeared, many test engineers

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