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The test probe how to maintain it?(1)

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The test probe how to maintain it?(1)

2016-07-31 17:13:12

ICT test is the production process quality control is a very important part, ICT test pin in the process played a very important role. Although the probe is a consumable, but maintenance is good, life expectancy probe control on costs It has a certain role. Here are the six seven-point probe maintenance:

1, the test environment

The test environment is the main reason for the probe contaminated with debris, such as testing environment flux more or much dust in the air, contamination on the probe pillow can cause contact problems of the probe, so that a high standard of clean workshop It is one of the guarantees provided probe life.


Many plants provide the rule sets to be used to prevent dust and dirt falling on the empty test needle and syringe. In particular, the rule of vacant or unused. In the vacuum of the rule, the dust will fall around the test panel when using a vacuum suction instrument will directly test the needle does not make progress.suzhou shengteng electronic could provide the ICT test pin for you