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What features for test probe?

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What features for test probe?

2016-08-11 16:52:03

Test probes are typically used for PCB circuit board test, or the test machine used for online testing, test probes cover a wide variety, such as ICT / FCT probes, PCB probe, probe high-frequency, high-current probe, switch probes, those probes which specific properties have it? Explain here alone.

Probe material:

The main probe is an outer tube, spring and needle composition, usually outside the probe works as a pipe material is phosphor bronze and then gilded; spring steel wire imported Rui Shiqin to create, and then the surface of gold; and finally the needles, needle material usually beryllium copper, and SK-4 high carbon steel, nickel-plated, rhodium-plated and gold-plated several processes. In the above three components hardness testing, after the X-ray thickness gauge thickness measurement, ensure the life of the probe can reach more than 30 million times, gold can make the probe resistance can be 30 milliohms or less, to ensure the stability of the impedance after a long period of testing to prevent the probe, the needle probe oxidation reaction.


Probe after so many years of development, both the design and production technology have made great progress, on a conventional ICT and FCT probes production can guarantee excellent product attributes, because the production process of the probe will be involved Road to gilded this program, so the probe manufacturers will adopt conflict-free minerals, as well as the implementation of the EU's RoHS and China RoHS standards in environmental protection.