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Thermal and accessories probe as there are several types?

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Thermal and accessories probe as there are several types?

2016-09-08 17:27:58

Probe as a rule there are several types of accessories

When the production of PCB board test fixture, the probe is a very important accessory, we decided to test the quality of the probe's success, thereby affecting product test pass rate. So common fixture probes have several categories of it, here and divide what categories:


1, the optical circuit board test probes: it is often said of PCB light board pin, the main test is a functional test prior to use components not installed, the probe for open and short circuit detection circuit board, this pin domestic probe product is very mature, to meet the needs of this test.


2, online test needle: often said that the ICT probe is such that such a probe with a very wide range, PCB light above the needle plate is no test components prior to installation of the PCB, installing such a probe test Component after use, these products mainly foreign products, mainly BT probe, INGUN QA probe and probe some domestic products can replace, but in life, the work product and imported product differentiation still huge.


3, a semiconductor test probe: that is, the chip wafer test or test probes for testing this product stand above the key technology or in the hands of foreign companies, domestic manufacturers to actively develop, but the gap is too big, think to seize the market share of foreign probe, only steady, increase investment in research efforts in order to slice.