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why test probe is not okay for testing?

  • Author:Key
  • Release on:2016-09-06

Test Probe is applied to a test circuit board components, usually different head type test different components, such as the test finger with round or flat, test pad top spot in its claws. But sometimes the probe will be a variety of problems with the process, this small as we summarize the common use of the probe. And generally can be divided into the PCB and related probes related.


Associated with the probe

1, the probe head type misuse

2, casing straightness enough

3, are not allowed to explore acupuncture

4, the needle rosin, Paste, and other debris

5, less elastic probe

6, an internal probe into the debris (such as rosin) causing poor contact



Related to the PCB board

Test pad copper oxide

2, the positioning hole location allowed

3, the measured points against the solder pad portion is covered

4, the positioning hole deformation Associate

5, the measured actual spot size smaller pad

6, disposable process generates pollutants


The above situation is encountered in the common ICT test, to avoid these problems encountered during testing or design fixture in.