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What is PCB test probe?

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What is PCB test probe?

2018-09-07 13:36:38

What is PCB test probe?
Test probe, which is the unified name of ICT/FCT test probe, high frequency probe and high current probe, is a kind of test connection electronic component applied to test PCBA in electronic testing. The types of test probes include PCB probes, ICT function test probes (automotive wire harness test probes, battery probes, current and voltage pins, switching pins, capacitance polar pins, high frequency pins), BGA test probes, etc.

What is the composition of the probe?
The main components of the test probe are: Plunger, Barrel and spring.There are also the matching receptacles.The material can be Brass or stainless steel,can be plated with Ni gold.Gold-plated is the best for electrical conductivity and contact.

What are the main applications of probes?
The main method is to detect the open circuit, short circuit and welding condition of all lines by testing the probe contact test point.It can be divided into open circuit test, short circuit test, resistance test, capacitance test and other tests.Tell the customer which component is out of order or which line is short-circuited through a printer or screen.