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Battery pogo pin

  • Author:Key
  • Release on:2018-11-13

Battery Pogo Pin 

The pogo pin can be used for Cylindrical Battery, Square Battery and Soft Pack.

1. Pogo Pin for cylindrical battery

pogo pin for cylindrical

①Multiple Pins (with Housing) Pogo Pin

There are 3pins for the pogo pin, one pin is current pin, another two pins are voltage pins.

Multiple Pins (with Housing) pogo pin-3pins

② Coaxial current pogo pin (pin end connections: solder and terminal)

the inside pin of the coaxial pin can measure votage, the outside pin of the coaxial pin can measure current.  

Battery Pin for Cylindrical Battery

coaxial current pogo pin.

coaxial current pogo pin

2. Pogo Pin for square battery 

square battery

①High current pogo pin (at least 60A current ration)

The inside pins of the high current pogo pin can measure voltage, it can be bullet proof, the ourside pin can measure current.

high current pogo pin for square battery

high current pogo pin for square battery

high current pogo pin for square battery

② Multiple Pins (with Housing) Pogo Pin

Multiple Pins (with Housing) Pogo Pin for square battery

Multiple Pins (with Housing) Pogo Pin for square battery