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Summer Travelling

  • Author:Shirley Miao
  • Release on:2015-06-15
At the beginning, our company hold the summer activity  from May 28 to May 31. All company staff joins this activity and the destination is West Zhejiang Great Valley.

The Great Valley is very famous for the beautiful mountain, green bamboo and bright river. All people are deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery.

But in the activity the most excited part is outdoor development, walking through the floating bridge. At first, everyone was very scared and kept screaming because the bridge was shaking fiercely. The river under our feet seems pretty horrible . At that time, our technical sales manager Mr. Zhu sang a funny song for us and try to draw away our attention. Actually, he made it. With his song, the girls start to move one by one carefully. After the song, our manager Mr. Zhu starts to encourage us in the words. He said we are a team and we can conquer everything, so does this little bridge. In the middle of the bridge, it’s hard to walk. But everyone overcome the fear in the heart and walks to the end.

With these two days travelling, everybody become more positive, kind and help each other. I’m so proud to join this big family and believe we can make our SFENG to the Number one pogo pin supplier in the world.