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Structure of Spring loaded test probe.

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Structure of Spring loaded test probe.

2015-06-16 16:34:59
As the test connector to PCB, PCBA etc, test probes have a lot of sizes as well as tips. An test probe is mainly composed of three parts, barrel, plunger and spring. The main material of barrel is brass with different kind of coating, such as gold-plated, silver -plated. The second part is the spring.

The materials are music wire and stainless steel. The third part is plunger. This is made of beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and SK4. The outside is gold-plated or nickel plated. According to the test object, there are different kinds of tips, such as cup, serrated flat etc. When test the objects, some probes are also required the receptacle of wiring, cramping soldering etc.

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