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Présentez nouvelle machine CNC TSUGAMI

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Présentez nouvelle machine CNC TSUGAMI

2015-06-18 17:51:41

Least News ---In order to increase our company product line, we introduced TSUGAMI CNC precision automatic machine from Japan. The model is B0205-ii.

For this new machine, there are three outstanding characters. 1. Both front and back can be processed simultaneously by using the back axle and the rear turret. 2. 3-axis and 4 axis transverse power head, lateral rigid tapping, front rigid tapping and back rigid tapping are available. 3. With high precision short machining without guide bush, it greatly improves the precision and convenience. It also improves the chip removal capability, which greatly improve product quality and production efficiency.

This new machine is very suitable for processing all metal parts (brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel) of complex structure, such as Pogo Pin, High current probe, Switch Probe and accessories.

To operate this machine skillfully,  our Colleagues go head to TSUGAMI company to study.

With this new machine, our company can meet more requirements from our different customers. We welcome your inquires..