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Transportation fourth key change: wireless charging technology (1)

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Transportation fourth key change: wireless charging technology (1)

2016-06-01 16:09:09

Transportation upheaval is coming.


Three technological revolution is coming - motorized vehicles, autopilot (unmanned) vehicles, distributed energy - technological revolution will be in three powerful ways cross development. The fourth technique may include: wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC).


Get rid of the shackles of cable and plug, and not the other three technology trends hype, but play to their potential, the wireless charging of electric vehicles is a necessary precursor. Most people with this idea is very close.


Why do we need a wireless charging for electric vehicles


For consumers, most of whom are still fairly new electric car, which gives them a certain degree of anxiety. The so-called "anxiety" is worried about the power of electric vehicle batteries, not enough to allow them to travel to reach your destination.


Another problem is that electric vehicles could plug charging every night, very troublesome. This is for those who live in the apartment, may be a bit inappropriate. Even for those people who have garage, per night charge is a pain. Although to a gas station is a pain, after all, only once or twice a week.


Electric car manufacturers know these anxieties from the user, which is why all the people are working hard to expand the coverage of wireless charging technology. Electric vehicle wireless charging technology (WEVC) will ease the anxiety of consumers, and can speed up the application of electric cars. For public transportation, the technology will also be a boon. It will become a self-driving cars and fleet a key driving factor. We will use this technology in a very short time.


It is one of the key technologies, electric vehicle wireless charging technology (WEVC) is widely used.


The latest technological advances electromagnetic induction is known as magnetic resonance technology, which can realize the transmitter and receiver of the "strong coupling", can be tuned to the same frequency electromagnetic field, magnetic field and allow directional transmission, in order to increase the transmission distance. It can be long-distance transmission, and improve the end-to-end transmission efficiency.


The first MRI technology-related products, such as notebook computer's wireless charger, will be available later this year.


The main advantages of MRI technology is easy to use: the transmitter and receiver can be paired to work remotely in any direction, so that the device does not have to be very accurately positioned in a charging stand.


It is also an incredible efficiency. Electric car charger larger coils may be employed, operation at higher frequencies, to achieve 90% of the end-charging efficiency even higher, which is roughly equivalent to a charging efficiency of insertion of the connection.