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Transportation fourth key change: wireless charging technology (2)

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Transportation fourth key change: wireless charging technology (2)

2016-06-01 16:20:51

Promotion of wireless charging technology, infrastructure is the key.


One reason WEVC technology in China Rising is the policy of the Chinese government's intention to favor the development of the development of electric vehicle industry. But there is another reason: the popularity of electric vehicles is not only the largest accelerators home wireless charger, but infrastructure. China is different from the United States, it is still in development and growth, and the resulting large amount of investment for infrastructure.


Imagine a few years later, when a large number of electric vehicles are equipped with a standards-based, interoperable of WEVC receiver. Charge sheet can be embedded in a variety of parking on both sides of the street, rest stops, or even choose to install traffic lights in red and green edge.


Currently in the UK there is a real research in progress, it plans to install wireless charger embedded in the country's highway pavement. But honestly, this seems like a crazy idea.


The first step WEVC technology infrastructure may be more ambitious than that, such as office parks to gain a foothold in the shared fleet and public transportation.


Wireless charging will be a boon for public transport


The first place in the individual outside the garage, wireless charger for public transport, will have a huge impact on the future. Infrastructure public wireless charger best installation along fixed routes, so that you can provide for the use of public transport. Promote WEVC technology the fastest and easiest way is the bus, you can give it with the receiver.


Last month, the Pennsylvania company called MomentumDynamics announced, will provide power up to 200KW wireless car charger in 2016, these chargers will be used for municipal bus fleet in Washington and Maryland. CEO of the company said: "The higher power charging system under development."


Driverless car technology necessary popularity


Everyone driverless electric vehicles (AEVs) promises full of excitement. There is a need for such a car great potential, such as unmanned buses, trucks, industrial equipment, of course, shared vehicle fleet composition.


But think about it, if theoretically Uber taxi from the unmanned fleet composition. Who will give them special charge it? Do employees need a specialized charging station waiting for them in charge? impossible. If the unmanned vehicle team really put into operation, they need to self-charging is completed. How can they do it?


Google has been testing its driverless car wireless charging function; other vendors will follow. Once the driverless electric vehicles to enter the application - whether it is a bus, car, truck, or ship - once the automatic charging, transportation becomes like a perpetual motion machine, ubiquitous services available only needs interactive few people.


Electric vehicle simpler structure than car engines, requiring less maintenance. Once they realize unmanned and automatic charge for travel, in addition to know that they need to go, you may not need to do a lot.