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Standard spring contact probes Normally open switch probe SF265-F300

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Standard spring contact probes Normally open switch probe SF265-F300

Standard spring contact probes Normally open switch probe SF265-F300

  • SwitchING probe
  • Brand :SFENG
  • Model Number:switch probe SF-265-F300
  • Plunger material:Be Cu, Au on Ni plated
  • Barrel material:Brass, Au on Ni plated
  • Insulation sleeve:peek
  • Solder connection:Be Cu, Gold plated
  • Switch probe receptacle:brass,Au plated
  • Spring:SWP
  • Current rating:3A
  • Switch probe condition:normally open
  • Product Details

normally open spring contact probes switch probe SF-265-F300


A Switch Probe is a spring contact probe and receptacle combination that is normally open, and after a designated travel the switch probe closes. The most common use for switch probes is in the cable harness testing industry. The switch probe is used to verify the correct location of a terminal in a connector while checking the retention force as well.

Switch probes also verify the presence of nonconductive components such as caps for connectors or devices on a circuit board. SFENG probes can offer different standard sizes of switch probes.

SWITCH PROBE Specification


Switch probe model  SF265-F300
 Plunger material  Be Cu, Au on Ni plated
 Barrel material  Brass, Au on Ni plated
 Insulation sleeve  peek
 Solder connection  Be Cu, Au on Ni plated
 Switch probe receptacle  brass,Au on Ni plated
 Spring  SWP
 Switch probe condition  normally open

 Providing kinds of spring pogo pin solutions to satisfy different testing environment. We can produce according to your    needs or design drawings or samples so if you have this demand please send us the drawings or samples you have we    will quote for you ASAP.


*Product Drawing




a.Spring loaded pin (single) for PCB, ICT, FCT testing, etc 

b.Pogo pin ( connector) to establish a (usually temporary) connection between two printed circuit boards for charing c.Double ended probe for BGA & semiconudtion testing;

d.Universal pin without spring, coating pin, LM pin with QZ & VZ series;

e.High current probe, Switch probe, Capacitance needle

f.Terminal & receptacle/ socket;

h.Other related electronic compents, 30# OK wire, Jig locks, POM, Iron hinge, etc.




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SFENG switch probes cable harness testing

Material: Brass
Finish: Ni-plated or Gold-plated
Size: 2.96*49.5
Packing: Plastic box and loaded into carton

SFENG Factory Switching Test Probes for component detection tests

Item:Switching contact probe SF-KP 1.65 X 44
Materials: Phosphor bronze
Spring: stainless steel
Finish: gold plated

SFENG Electric Cable Switch Probe Pin SF-3.0*40.0-G2.0

Item:Switching contact probe SF-6628
Barrel: Ph
Plunger: Becu
Tail Pin: Becu
Spring: Becu
Finish: Au on Ni plated
Full stroke: 5.0mm
Rated Stroke: 4.0mm

High quality spring loaded switching contact pin SF6944

Item number:SF-P11-E
Origin place:Zhejiang China
Size: dia1.01*L24.0mm
Barrel:Phosphor bronze
Spring:Music wire
Finish:Gold plated
Packing:Plastic bag and loaded into carton box    

SFENG China Supplier Switching probes Spring Contact Probe SF-1.67x44-G

Item number:SF-1.67*44
Size: dia1.67*L44mm
Plunger:Becu, Gold plated
Barrel:Brass, Gold plated
Insulation sleeve:PEEK
Packing:Plastic bag and loaded into carton box

SFENG Professional Factory normally open switching Probe Spring contact probe

Switch probe SF-2.38x57.80-J
Size: diameter 2.38mm by length 57.80mm,
Plunger Material: 1214 Iron, Au on Ni Plated,
Barrel Material: Brass,Ni Plated,
Tail pin: 1214 Iron, Au on Ni plated,
Spring Material: SUS
Spring force:250±20%gf @ load 4.6mm
Full Stroke: 6.9mm
Rated stroke: 4.6mm
Packaging: plastic box into cartons;