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Performance appraisal meeting

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Performance appraisal meeting

2015-09-06 16:58:23

In September 2, test probe manufacturer Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. held a performance appraisal meeting. Conference is sponsored by the Human Resources Department and the participants include all employees. Objective of the meeting is to examine the implementation of the performance schedule and the need for improvement. The meeting lasted a half hour.

In order to improve the efficiency of each employee and solve the problem fundamentally, the performance schedule is not only for employees, leaders of various departments of the company also has a corresponding schedule. Managers’ schedules will included the overview of each month’s important work. Each staff will reflect the specific implementation in the planning table. In this way, each job will be unified from the top to down. In the process of implementation, if there is any problems, the person in charge can be immediately found. This schedule can not only quickly identify problems, buy also solve the problems quickly.

This schedule has been implemented in Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd for a month. From the monthly statistics, we found the results of the meeting is very good. We will insist on the schedule and hope to bring our work to more important changes.