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Low-speed electric vehicles or upgrade to positive lead-acid batteries lithium batteries

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Low-speed electric vehicles or upgrade to positive lead-acid batteries lithium batteries

2016-04-21 17:24:56

Recently, news that "low-speed electric vehicles will enter the management policy in May public comment period," and caused the industry to focus on. Many industry experts involved in local government leaders and low-speed electric vehicle standards during an interview with reporters said they could not confirm the above statement, currently not yet received the relevant notification information policies of low-speed electric vehicles. However, research to develop management policies is indeed underway, led by the Ministry responsible.


According to informed experts said, a necessary condition for low-speed electric vehicles is positive "lead-acid battery upgrade to lithium batteries." In addition, the introduction of management practices will classify products in a reasonable, comprehensive vehicle-related businesses and product management model, differentiated classification management, investment, access for passenger cars may be the main reference management, or to raise the speed and endurance mileage to double "70" technical conditions; driver's license, traffic license and other rights of way management can refer to the low-speed truck management.


According to research to understand, because the low price of lead-acid battery technology is mature, currently more than 90% of the low-speed electric vehicles are powered by lead-acid batteries, lithium share is very small. Once require the use of lithium batteries, will inevitably produce research and development, cost and other aspects of the low-speed electric vehicles have a major impact.


Shanghai New Energy Automobile Inspection Engineering Technology Research Center Deputy Director Miao Wenquan in an interview with reporters said, whether from the national strategic level, or from the technological upgrading of products, economy, security, upgrades lithium are very necessary and reasonable. From a technical point of view upgrade, lithium battery has a high energy density, long life, environmental protection and other advantages, with the further development of the battery industry, is bound to replace lead-acid battery, which is the development trend of the industry; in the economy, from the entire battery life-cycle perspective, longer life lithium battery, the average cost is not much higher than lead-acid batteries. Choose lead-acid batteries are mainly due to psychological factors influence consumer purchase cost savings; in security, relatively lighter lithium, in the case of generating impact safer, improve the safety of the product.


In addition, since the relatively high cost of lithium batteries, manufacturers to reduce costs may be tempted to use cheap lithium batteries, Miao Wenquan said that in order to prevent the cost of poor battery manufacturers choose, it is necessary to use a standard set of lithium batteries. For already produced but not yet sold products, Miao Wenquan said. "Logically speaking, these products are not up to standard, there is no identity, should all be banned, but taking into account the reality, given a certain period of transition is It can be considered. "


Yu Jie, Redding, Yi Ling and other large-scale enterprises has reserves of lithium vehicle technology. "Because of the low-speed electric car batteries are purchased and demanding power, lithium battery upgrade for manufacturers in terms of difficulty is not great." Relevant leaders said low-speed electric car prices, the key is to do a good job supporting member according to the battery upgrade upgrades, such as the corresponding upgrade electrical, electronic control and battery management system. Upgrade of these technologies will also lead manufacturers R & D costs and production costs rise, leading to increased product prices. From the consumer's point of view, the low-speed electric vehicles in large part because of low prices. So when management standards promulgated, low-speed electric vehicles to reduce the price advantage, at the same time, it also involves the right of way and the driver's license, license and other issues, consumer enthusiasm for low-speed electric vehicles will probably be discounted. It also requires companies to make more efforts to improve product technology to reduce costs and provide quality of service and so on.


In addition, from the perspective of the battery industry, the Miao Wenquan said. "This year lithium battery is facing the problem of excess production capacity, low-speed electric vehicles using lithium batteries provisions also digested lithium, lithium market to ensure a stable way." As for the lead-acid battery industry, is concerned, there are known as lead-acid batteries before the consumption tax is the last straw that breaks the camel's back, and now low-speed electric vehicle market will be separated again, lead-acid battery enterprises will face more severe market situation. Days can, AMD and other lead-acid battery production giants are actively developing lithium battery, seek the transformation and upgrading.

For low-speed electric vehicles and mileage double "70" requirement, the author analyzed current data mainstream market low-speed electric vehicles, and found that most models are able to meet more than 70km of mileage, but also the requirements for the maximum speed there are some distance. From the consumer perspective, to ensure vehicle safety and lightweight premise, mileage naturally the higher the better, but for maximum speed requirements, needs of different groups, or different, it is recommended according to the actual needs of consumers maximum speed classification, rather than the development of standards across the board.

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